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Valentines Gifts for Him at Every Budget

As a guy, I am very familiar with the pressure of trying to find the perfect gift for my sweetheart. However, I don’t often give a lot of thought to the challenge that my girlfriend must go through each year, without the classic fallbacks like flowers or stuffed animals to which we boyfriends all to often have to resort. In order to do our part to help, I have put together a list of affordable Valentine’s gifts for guys to fit all budgets.

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Chris Dato January 26, 2015

Save on Your Super Bowl Shindig

Regardless of whether you are a hardcore football fanatic all year round or you don’t get involved until it is down to the final two, chances are you already know where you will be enjoying Super Bowl XLIX. Barbecue and beers with family and friends for the big game are, by all measures, an American pastime. What most people don’t realize, however, is how fun and affordable it can be to have the party at your place!

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Chris Dato January 19, 2015

Classroom Valentines from the Heart

The more I looked into making homemade Valentines, the more I liked the whole idea of it. Instead of picking out some bland mass-produced Valentines, homemade Valentines can truly come from the heart. Especially with all of the stories in the news about bullying, homemade Valentine’s Day cards can really send a positive message to fellow classmates.

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Kristine Munroe January 15, 2015

Discounted Family Activities for the Winter

Instead of having the winter blahs, my family likes to make the most out of the season. I go against my instinct to hibernate and use the snow as an opportunity to do some fun winter-activities. Some activities can get very costly (think skiing and snowboarding) but there are also plenty of ways to get outside that don’t break the bank!

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Kristine Munroe January 12, 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Game of Savings: The Best Time to Buy Big-Ticket Items

It is a new year, so there is no better time than now to re-invent yourself as a savings savvy individual. Life throws a lot at you, all year round. Do you know what the trends are to buying the big-ticket items that make everyday life possible? Don’t worry if you don’t, the savings experts from are here to set the record straight and get you winning at the game of savings.

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Shannon Hanrahan January 08, 2015

Steps to Getting Out of Debt in the New Year

As a New Year’s resolution, many people vowed to get out of debt or improve their credit in one way or another (myself included). For some of us this means climbing out from under a mountain of debt, while others just want to improve their financial stability. The key to success is to identify the key steps in managing your money better, and to focus on the areas with which you struggle. Here are a few of the essential steps to getting out of debt in the New Year.

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Chris Dato January 05, 2015

Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolution

The holiday parties are over, the eggnog has been drunk and the fruitcake has been… well, its gone. Now it is time for everyone’s least favorite part of the holiday season (besides the fruitcake), making New Years resolutions. It seems like each year we get so excited at the prospect of starting the new year by making positive changes, only to resign them to the following year two weeks into January.

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Chris Dato January 02, 2015

After Christmas Clearance Deals

It’s the week after Christmas, and you are enjoying the spoils of staying on the good list for another year. While admiring your take, shopping is likely the last thing on your mind. However, the week after Christmas is one of the best times of the year to score killer deals on certain items at major retailers, like Target, Macy’s, and Sears. This can really come in handy for those people who you may have overlooked in your Christmas shopping.

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Chris Dato December 29, 2014

Wearable Technology for Winter Workouts

The holiday is the perfect excuse for you to treat yourself to the gift of better health. However, with so many different products on the market, it can be intimidating. Here is a quick comparison of the most popular products to guide your shopping in this winter of the wearable.

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Chris Dato December 23, 2014