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California Drought: 5 Tips to Save Yourself the $500 Fine

If Woody Allen would diagnose Southern California, he would conclude that its residents suffer “chronic ADD.” I know this because ever since moving into LA, my attention span sporadically plunges into the abyss of gluten-sugar-evil free propaganda, palm trees, ethnic BBQs, and concerts. For those who do not believe me, here is the proof.

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Sun Jung July 20, 2014

10 Best Amazon Back-to-School Deals

When you wake up hearing the footsteps of the kids running to get their things together, you know it’s back-to-school time. Amazon is a big name when it comes to getting your shopping done quickly and conveniently. Right now parents can find huge deals for stretching your dollar. Here are the highlights for best Amazon back-to-school deals for your techy tots and college-bound teens.

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Justin Hun July 17, 2014